Take Flight

May 4, 2014

It's been a wild and windy day in sunny Brisbane. We have had months of severe heat and today's weather has brought a pleasant change. Of course it's pretty dramatic! People have either over-reacted or are in denial aka , totally rugged up from head to toe, or have continued to wear ultra summery gear - pretending they just don't feel the cold!

I decided to prepare some card blanks in preparation for the cold weather ahead. This entailed making small envelope boxes using my amazing  WeR Envelope Punch Board.  I was inspired by a You Tube presentation.

So now I have 6 envelope boxes with 6 cards and envelopes in each. I will create the cards over coming (cool) evenings and give them as gifts to friends. I like to make generic cards that can be used for any occasion .

I'm back.......

After a break of about 3 years, I have decided to relaunch my paper craft blog.

I spend most of my spare time these days, making greeting cards. It provides me with the chance to use my creativity, play with colour and create many greeting cards to donate to various charities for their fundraising.

Of course, I also love to make cards for my family and friends for their special and significant occasions.

I am also able to make cards to order for events being planned by clients.